Basic Check Points to be considered while Excavator inspection

1. Is Identification No of Excavator marked?  
2. Any Physical damage in Excavator Bucket and / or Loose Bucket connecting  pin & Bolts

Fire1   3.Is Excavator Structure boom without damage? (cut, crack)   
  4.Is Brakes of Excavator working properly? 
  5.Any Oil leakage from the Hydraulic Cylinders?   
  6.Any Fuel leakage from the Diesel tank?
  7.Is Front & Reverse Horns in working condition? 
  8.Is Roller-crawler without damaged? (check for damaged / missing idle rollers)
  9.Are Head and tail lamps working?   
  10.Are Back view mirrors provided? 
  11.Is sitting arrangement and Cabin clean and in good condition.  
  12.Is Fire extinguisher provided in operator’s cabin?
  13.Is Excavator Operator having Valid License.?






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