Ganjam Bangalore wins the Prix Versailles!!

Culture and commercial architecture: two domains that are often depicted as contradictory. Indeed, commerce is associated with utilitarian functionalism, immediacy, playing it safe, and an impoverished style.

Whilst culture is associated with beauty, creativity and a disinterested ideal. Naturally, this opposition is not systematic, and there are many high quality examples of their coexistence. However, such examples remain a rarity. The end goal of the Prix Versailles is to alter this state of affairs by merging these opposites together. This years’ awards recognised 9 projects from around the world with a Special Mention for Ganjam, Bangalore, a project for which we are proud to be associated as PMC.

Some images of the store and the ceremony with Mr. Umesh Ganjam and Ms. Cecile Buhagiar of RDAI designers accepting the award at the UNECO Headquarters at Paris.

ganjam 1




Ganjam Prix Versailles

Ganjam_Prix Versailles

We extend our heartiest congratulations to our Client, who stuck to their vision, to develop a truly iconic flagship retail space which like their jewellery is a unique, refined, elegant, beautifully crafted and culturally significant end-product!!!

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