Project Management Role in Super High Rise Building Projects

According to experts, as cities gear up to cope with the increasing population, the tall building may well become the new normal, not by choice, but by default.

Construction of high rise buildings had long been sought by human beings and has been actually realised. The realization and development of high rise bildings has been possible due to the advancement of the engineering area such as the advent of steel, elevators and high strength concrete along with the increased buying-power and human passion. The construction of high rise buildings first began in Chicago in the early 20th century and has been led by countiries like the US and Canada.

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The understanding of construction projects should be fundamentally turned from the conventional approach of 'operation' to the approach of 'management' as soon as possible. Super high rise building projects concurrently involve a lot of consultants. It is necessary to draw timely decisions by leading all of the participants, to build a team to coordinate each participant's interest and to reinforce a partnership to maximize the synergy effect. It essentially points the necessity of the introduction of the management concept into construction projects.

Key Management aspects of Constructing a high rise:
Project Management:
In order to carry out super high rise building projects, there should be a special organization which has the integrated ,management capability of controlling the whole process from the planning phase to the maintainance phase based on a through understanding and experiences of restrictions and key construction technologies of super high rise buildings.

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For a successful project, the organization has to create a smooth information flow, collect various technical data and opinions, lead the decision making process, and to have the capability of viewing and managing the whole project in each project phase.

Feasibility Study:
A project feasibility study is one of the traits of super high-rise building projects.

Successful performance of a super high-rise building projects requires the establishent of clear goals, elaborate planning based on the understanding of business circumstances,selection of the best solution among alternatives and preview of the solution with the key construction technologies in each project phase.

Design Management:
One of the most impornant roles of Construction manager is the design management in the early design phase were the cost, time and quality of a project is detemined. The core rules of design management for super high rise building projects are controlling conflicting factors within architectural, structural, mechanical and electronic documents, reviewing the project cost and construction methods to shorten the project period and executing the constructability study. It is suggested to hire professional design firms to prepare the master design. The role of speciality consultant is very important in timely construction and execution of a high rise and therefore they should be involved in the early stage from the conceptual design phase to secure appropriate design documents and to manage time and cost properly.

In super high-rise building projects, each key construction technology such as architectural planning, structure, M&E (mechanical & electrical), materials and constructablity should be integrated in an effective and systematic way.

Design Management Team - While the design management team of a super high-rise builing project can be formed appropriatedly according to the size and scope of the project,it should play an important role in the project from an early planning phase to the substantial completion phase. Therefore, a design management team should comprise professionals of each field including speciality consultants to keep up the consistency. It should be able to find cost saving factors through the application of a life cycle cost analysis and value engineering, and develop construction methods suitable for the superhigh-rise building project.

Risk Management:
Future status should be forecasted in each phase of the project process. It must include the uncertain factors on which the success of the construction project relies. Risks and uncertainty increase dramatically in constructing super high-rise building projects.

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Focusing on the start of a project without any thorough review and verification of risks in every project phase results in frequent changes of the project plan and lead to a vicious circle of cost rise, time retardation and quality loss. It is vital to recognize the importance of risk management, to reflect identifies risks in the project plan and to make a positive loop.

Risk Management team: The large size, complexity and long project term of super high-rise building projects naturally result in high potential risks. It is important to set up a systematic risk management plan to reflect it into cost estimation and secure a project contingency when necessary. The early involvement of specialty consultants in the project organization can reduce risks.

Time Management:
The core elements of time management include defining the characteristics of a construction project through the understanding of overall circumstances, establishing the milestone for each important item of the project and creating the master schedule timely and thoroughly. The master schedule should be improced by detailed planning of each area with the feedback obtained. The feasibility of every element in construction process should be considered in the master schedule.

Demand of super high rise buildings are expected to grow for the resolution of overcrowding in cities, more provision of dwellings and work environment and the efficient utilization of land. Therefore, key construction technologies should be developed convering design, structural engineering, mechanics and electronics and applied in actual work sites for the upcoming super high rise buildings era.

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