Sunshine (Residential Development)

Client Name: SPL Estates Private Ltd
Location: Kolkata, West Bengal, India
BUA: 2,487,122 sq. ft.
Date of Inception: Oct-19
Date of Completion: Oct-21
Services Offered: Project Management
Scope / Role: Project Management
Project Status: On-going.

It’s a residential development on 19.51 acres of land wherein following 15 nos. residential blocks will be constructed along with its amenities and infrastructure:
1BHK Tower (1A,1B & 1C): Gr. floor + 18 storied.
2BHK Tower (2A,2B,2C,2D,2E,2F & 2G): Gr. floor + 18 storied.
3BHK Tower (3A,3B,3C,3D & 3E): Gr. floor + 18 storied.
Club Block: Gr. Floor + 2 storied
Parking Block: Gr. Floor + 4 storied


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