ISO Certification & Our SOP's


“A system’s approach to Management!”

In-line with Master’s forward-thinking approach in managing their strategies and to formalize the already existing systems and procedures, the company has implemented the internationally recognised standard ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System. A quality management system is a best practice guidance document that helps organizations meet and continually improve customer satisfaction and quality requirements. The scope of certification (which was awarded by Intertek) is, “The management of design, procurement and construction of projects or providing associated consultancy services.”

With the growing footprints and evolution of Masters as a one-stop-shop service provider for Real Estate and Project Management services, the company felt the need to implement a system that aligns with their already existing framework of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), and hence obtained the certification The aim of obtaining ISO certification for Masters was not only to enhance its brand image, but also to create a discipline and adopt a systems approach towards their existing robust procedures across functions.  .

According to Mr. Jaspreet Singh, Managing Director and CEO, “No Project Management company can grow and survive without the systems and ISO is the platform wherein, not only the employees get an opportunity to embed quality initiatives in all the tasks undertaken, but also can rectify lacunae that most employees face in their day-to-day work”. He further adds, “Implementation of Quality Management Systems was the stepping stone for Masters to have standardized systems in all its operations and now the company shall further take steps to be driven by quality consciousness”.

The company takes concrete steps to maintain and retain the certification, year-on-year and is willing and flexible to adopt other related certifications in the future.


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