EHS Comes First at Masters


“Ensuring high standards of occupational health and safety”

At Masters, we are committed to providing and maintaining a safe, accident-free and healthy work environment. Health, Safety and Environment performance at Masters is a key element for our business success in operational excellence and meeting client expectations.


We recognize that we always face risks and challenges in our business and our operations have an impact on the communities and environment in which we work. That is why our engineering designs and construction execution procedures are all directed at protecting the environment, offering a healthy workplace and, above all, emphasizing our key Core Value of providing safety in everything we do.

Health & Safety:

We take necessary measures to institutionalize controls for all risks, minimize and mitigate the impact of our activities and also ensure all operations are carried out within the firmest safety standards. We focus on overall safety management through proactive inspections and monitoring, improved work processes, process safety and operational excellence initiatives, preventive maintenance, permit to work and fitness to work guidelines and a robust emergency preparedness regime

Masters’ HSE approach is built on flexibility, simplicity, scalability and a collaborative structure that fits our company’s unique operations and style.

Through clear communication with employees, clients and other stakeholders, all our verticals assure the control of the risks. Further, we are also constantly self-assessing, tracking corrective actions and sharing best practices and lessons learned.

Complying with H&S Management system

In continual demonstration of commitment to responsible H&S management practices in every aspect of our operations, Masters recently developed, deployed and implemented a comprehensive H&S Management System corporate-wide to modernize the culture and practice of H&S and to enable H&S risks to be mitigated and managed to as low as reasonably practicable. Following the best practices for Quality Management, the company is also ISO 9001:2008 certified.

The Management System has been adopted as a framework to guide H&S, support the business performance and drive continuous improvement across Masters’ operations for a holistically improved overall business performance, sustainable development, sustained positive corporate image and assurance to all stakeholders of Masters’ corporate social responsibility and sustainable development initiatives.


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