Summer Action Plan

As we are aware that Summer season already started . Therefore, Heat Wave conditions can result in physiological strain and stress, which could even result in death. To minimize the impact during the heat wave and to prevent serious ailment or death because of heat stroke, the following measures are useful.

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Summer Site Safety Precautions - Heat Stress

Summer in most parts of India is extreme. Construction workers who are exposed to extreme heat or a hot work environment may be at risk of heat stress and other occupational illnesses, which could have an impact on productivity as well as lead to other injuries. Since work often has to continue even in such environmental conditions let’s ensure workers are that safe and comfortable in their working conditions.

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Rope Suspended Platform

In present scenario of construction industry all are fast track projects and time is a chief priority. To survive with the priority, getting skill workmen is very difficult. Hence industry is absolutely depended on new technologies. Rope Suspended platform (RSP) is one among the technology used large wide by contractors resulting reduction in time and cost of construction.

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Knowledge Sharing –Safe Hoisting

In Construction industry more than 70 % of man power involved in manual handling in which builder hoist play very important role. Hoists are being used to shifting of bricks, Cement, Sand etc… from lower level at construction site particularly in Real Estate.

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Precautions to be taken to avoid Electrical Hazards at Site

How to minimize the risk of Electrical Incident:

Earthing: All electrical equipment, appliances, system, must be earthed or grounded to obtain a low resistance path for dissipation of leakage current into the earth. Proper earth provides a low resistance path compared to human body and hence current flow through earthing, saving human being from injury or Fetal. Double earthing must be provided for all 3 phase connections.

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An Introduction to Electrical Safety

All hazards which we face in our daily life at home, at school or at work there is probably none as dangerous and uniquely unforgiving as electricity. Life without electricity is Unimaginable, but peculiarity is that it is not visible but it strikes very hard; killing, disfiguring or disabling.

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Facts on Summer Safety

Summer in most part of India is extreme. The construction workers who are exposed to extreme heat or outdoor hot work environment may be at risk of heat stress and other occupational illnesses, which may have impact on productivity & other injuries also. Since work has to continue even in such environment let’s ensure that our workers are safe and comfortable in their working conditions.      

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